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No Community Left Behind Program

Simplifying Your Electricity Choice

Rock River Energy Services and select communities have worked together to negotiate a lower electricity supply price for their residents. Residents can lock in a lower fixed electricity supply price from a licensed retail electric supplier – MC Squared Energy Services (mc2). mc2 is licensed by both the Illinois Commerce Commission and ComEd.

Enrollment is hassle free – sign up yourself online.
There’s no risk Рjust savings.

Residential customers from qualifying communities are eligible for this special online offer. If you are a business customer, please contact Rock River Energy Services directly by calling 815-732-4603 or emailing

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* The location associated with the above ComEd account must be located in the list of qualifying communities to participate in this mc2 special offer. mc2 reserves the right to drop any customer account not qualifying for this special offer or who falsifies any information.